April 21, 2004

Datamining the Unknowns...

Doug Tygar, a professor of mine and CFP panelist for the datamining panel here at CFP 2004, just completed a call to arms with respect to privacy research. He mentioned that at the IEEE security and privacy conference, security submissions outnumber privacy submissions 10 to 1. He then mentioned that there is much research to be done in privacy research.

Another place I see this kind of a call to arms is in electronic voting.

Both these areas share one major problem: It is hard to convince funding organizations like the NSF to fund this research because it is considered applied research instead of basic research. Applied research should be funded by industry, they say. The way I see the voting people solving this problem is through framing... that is, voting combines anonymity, auditiability, veracity and auditability. It's basically the hardest computer security problem out there.

Is there a similar framing that can be done with privacy research? I think there is and that sensor network policy/privacy is the area to start... now we just need to distill something out of that that will be digestible by funding organizations.

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