April 23, 2004

Giga... Tera... Peta. Got it.

Brewster Kahle is chatting up front at CFP (where I've been all week; conf mood? lite paranoia peppered with ironic humor) about the Internet Archive, and the may-we, will-we, should-we questions of archiving the entire universe of digial stuff. It's a lot of stuff too. Peta's full.

Rest of the week has been interesting, RFID, voting issues, awards to the likes of Avi Rubin, a big vote off between Avi and Deirdre Mulligan (one computer voting system said Avi won, one said Deirdre won -- who can tell, no paper trail), ethics of online data collection, privacy statements, the FCC and DRM, music distribution. All the usual folks. And guess what, in the midst of the issues they can laugh at themselves. Like John Gilmore today, at lunch doing a low hiss at one thing the keynoter, Rachel Brand from the DOJ said, and when I turned around and peeked at how serious that was, he giggled.

Honestly, I'm kind of tired and don't have anything interesting to say about these things right now. But still the conference was well put together, had humor and the folks that care about this stuff and doing interesting things.

Brewster just finished with a story: a man who had a bookmobile on a camel, and the answer to he gave to the problem of stability in his system? Have two camels.

As Mike Godwin said later over drinks with the cfp crowd, best cfp in 10 years.

Also blogged this on napsterization.

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