April 24, 2004

Photos from Friday at CFP...

Here are some parting shots from CFP 2004:


The Gmail Plenary at CFP. Nicole Wong, the Chief Compliance Officer for Google, was a great sport to show up amid the recent controversy. It was also great to get David Link from Sen. Figueroa's office. Note, thanks to Ms. Wong, I know have a Gmail account... email joehall at GMail plus the dot com part to reach me. From left to right: Chris Hoofnagle, Electronic Privacy Information Center; Sunil Paul, Brightmail; Sonia Arrison, Pacific Research Institute; Nicole Wong, Senior Compliance Counsel for Google; Ari Schwartz, Center for Democracy & Technology; J.C. Cannon, Microsoft; David Link, Technology Counsel, Cal. Sen. Liz Figueroa; Amalie Weber, UC Berkeley Boalt Hall School of Law.


The ChillingEffects concurrent session. From left to right: Agnes Li, J.D. Candidate, Harvard Law School; Jennifer M. Urban, Visiting Acting Clinical Professor, University of California Berkeley School of Law (Boalt Hall); Wendy Seltzer, Intellectual Property Attorney, Electronic Frontier Foundation.

The Verified Voting "Mock Election"


Stanford professor and Verified Voting founder David Dill kicks things off in the mock election. The idea was to mimic having two states (California and Florida) where only one state had an verifiable audit trail.


Recenly tenured professor from Johns Hopkins University Avi Rubin votes. I didn't get a good shot to see if he voted for himself or not (he was one of the two candidates for "CFPer of the Year").


EFF staff technologist Seth Schoen votes.


Verified Voting director Will Doherty recording the vote.


EFF chairman Brad Templeton prepares to vote.


The election attracted a lot of attention from people around the Claremont... inlcuding that of Ping Yee (center).


It also attracted the CBS evening news and the News Hour with Jim Lehrer.


Douglas Kellner, Commissioner, New York City Board of Elections (center left) and Aaron Swartz prepare to vote.


Avi Rubin and Barbara Simons of USACM.


Deirdre Mulligan, newly elected "CFPer of the Year (for California)", with Lorrie Cranor's baby girl.


SIMS students Parker Thompson, Dave Schlossberg and Me (Joseph Lorenzo Halll).


Aaron and Dave talking shop.


The ceiling of the Empire Ballroom at the Claremont was covered with mirrors. The other face looking up is that of Aaron Perzanowski (Boalt).

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