April 23, 2004

Incoming/Outgoing (G)e-mails?

I was also particularly intrigued by panel members' concerns about the difference between e-mails sent by a Gmail user and those received by said user. How could Google restrict the scanning of e-mails to content created by those who have consented to Gmail's privacy policies?

I liked Joe Hall's suggestion of a "don't scan me!" header that could be placed in an e-mail, but wouldn't that still require a third-party sender to know/realize that their e-mail was headed to a place where it would be scanned? Couldn't Google, as Chris Hoofnagle suggested, only scan outgoing e-mails? To address a comment from an audience member, concerned about the scanning of third-party emails when Gmail users forward or reply to such messages--most e-mail clients automatically mark (i.e. >>>) such text to distinguish it from new text. Couldn't Google build it into their system to automatically exclude this text from scanning?

Posted by taraw at April 23, 2004 10:55 AM
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