April 21, 2004

Partial Running Notes

Cindy Southworth: connection between homelessness database and domestic violence victims

HUD putting in place systems (like HMIS) that are almost as invasive as sex offender registries but instead target domestic violence victims and other support services users. With 1/3 women being battered in their lifetime, this database would be a massive clearinghouse of information on citizens. Massive tracking and surveilance system.

- fabulous tool for stalkers -- central server that is not very secure that contains identity and location information on victims who are already under threat.

There is some threat to shelters that if they don't give up their "victim data" they will lose funding.

info includes: medical health status, pregnancy status, marital status. All in exchange for being able to stay in a shelter for a night.

Info shared with 400 agencies including all staff. Insiders who are abusers will have a field day.

Informed consent is a joke when working with victims of imminent violence.

Chance Martin: The CHANCE System

All of the biometric database systems cost millions of dollars (not funded by the Feds) and haven't really helped crack down on fraud or abuse in the system. There are also problems technologically with the systems.

Survey: 30% said they would rather stay on the streets than submit to biometric tagging at shelters. 50% among latinos, which is probably related to immigration issues. Many says #1 concern is invasion of privacy.

If enough political pressure is brought to bear in the SF political market, it might be possible to defund the HMIS/biometric effort.

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